Frequently Asked Questions
Why can the current "non-billed" information differ on my actual bill?

The current period (non-billed) calculations reflected in the system for costs, usage, and carbon emissions are based on energy usage to date within your current bill period and do not take into account remaining days in the billing period where energy hasn't yet been consumed. Your Smart Meter records your energy usage and transmits that data to us by radio signal; the system is updated daily based on these readings. Your actual bill for the current period will vary based on total usage, taxes, fees, and surcharges.

Will my history details reflect the same costs and usage as my past bills?

Yes, history details outside of your current bill period reflect actual usage and costs that were stated on your past bills.

How is my carbon impact determined?

Your carbon impact is determined by the amount of carbon emissions emitted due to your energy usage. The calculations reflected in this system are based on the amount of energy used with the current billing period only. The carbon emission counter resets at the beginning of each billing period.

The formula used to determine your carbon impact is directly related to kWh of energy used:

1 kWh is equal to 0.376 lbs of CO2

Is my environmental impact reflected in this system the same thing as a carbon footprint?

Carbon emission details reflected in this system are based on energy usage only. The environmental impact details you see in this system are directly tied to the level of carbon emissions your building generates based on its energy consumption. This is just one aspect of your activities that emits greenhouse gases.

A carbon footprint incorporates more than building energy into its calculation. A carbon footprint takes into account all aspects of your day-to-day activities and the emissions produced directly or indirectly from those activities. Daily choices you make influence your carbon footprint: the energy you use in your building, the way you travel/commute, the foods you eat, and what you buy, recycle, or throw away.

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